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As Amber walked up to the ride, the ticket girl behind her grinned wickedly, watching Katie waddle away in the opposite direction. Maybe Amber would fare better, but maybe not. Shanna waited to see if Katie would come out, but the ticket girl told Amber she could probably catch Katie if she hurried.
Amber got in first. She was a petite, short brown haired girl with a cute, gentle face. She had two B-cup breasts and an overall lithe body, with a firm butt that was nice enough for most guys to notice her. She was just 5'2" and 98 pounds. She wore a tight denim stretch skirt, black tights, and a gray three quarter sleeve button-up shirt. As Amber got into the cart she scooched toward one side. "Wait," said the ticket girl, "Hold the ride."
Amber sat there in the cart looking down toward the girl. "You sure you don't want to ride with your guest?" the ticket girl asked sweetly.
"She'll wait here, just in case," said Amber.
"Okay," said the ticket girl unsure.
The ride started and Amber rounded a corner. Suddenly bright lights lit up everywhere, she was in a strip lined with shops, with animatronic vendors handing her real food. She grabbed all she could and put it on a tray conveniently placed in front of her. She started to nibble on a huge turkey leg. After she finished the cart dropped to a hallway. An animatronic hand gave her a huge frosty. "Thirsty?" a voice asked.
"Sure," she said grabbing the frosty. She just sat there and finished her meal. She wondered if the ride was over. Getting up she felt full and unsteady. She followed a sign into a maze of fun mirrors and started down them. Coming to an intersection she found some more food, a triple deluxe jumbo cheeseburger with glazed doughnuts instead of buns. She grabbed it and it was amazing. It probably weighed three pound pounds. Eating it slowly she came to a huge root beer float. She immediately began drinking it, with the float in one hand and half a burger in the other.
She came to a doorway just as she finished. She dropped them in the trash on the right of the door and continued through not noticing her tights stretching or her buttons beginning to strain. She walked into a room that had a moving back drop meant to look like the fair with a ferris wheel cart. "Please step inside," said the voice. Amber complied and a tray was raised in front of her with a huge bacon and grilled cheese and a corn dog. She patted her full tummy and decided against eating it. She snapped a belt around her waist, but didn't see the point. The backdrop changed to make it look like the cart was going up. "This is pretty cool," Amber said to no one in particular. Just as it reached the top and she looked at the moving ceiling, looking like a beautiful night sky she felt something enter her opened mouth. It was a quarter of the grilled cheese surprised she looked at the animatronic hand that fed it to her. She chewed and swallowed and looked at the hand holding the grilled cheese in front of her. She also noticed the ride stopped.
"Hey," she said to the ceiling, "Can I get o-mmph-mmph."
Another bite of grilled cheese was shoved in her mouth, as the other animatronic hand set out pound cakes, ice cream, doughnuts, deep-fried butter, and elephant ears. The hand held the grilled cheese to Amber's lips she shut them tight. She only opened to speak, "I'm-*URP*-fu-*mmph mumph."
She decided to just shut her lips now, but opened them to belch loudly. The rest of the grilled cheese disappeared in her mouth. Swallowing it she moaned rubbing her soft belly, "Please- *Urp*-I'll be so fat. I don't want to be a big chubby gi-" the whole corn dog was cleaned off in her mouth. Her cheeks were swollen with food. The other hand held a soda fountain up and just sprayed it in her chewing mouth. She moaned as she felt her belly tightening in the belt. She felt it go a little free as a button on the bottom popped off. It was followed by another and another. Her whole body was expanding as more food was shoved in, but her belly was getting huge. She made muffled cries and tears ran down her cheeks.
She noticed the ride was appearing to be lowering with every bit she took. The safety clasp was getting tighter and tighter around her midriff. Finally just as a final sweet fry was shoved into her mouth it burst off her pale and tight tummy. The ride released a moment later, but Amber couldn't get up very quick. She rocked from side to side and then finally stood letting her newfound weight droop all over her body. She had two large saggy boobs now that poured over her formerly loose bra. Her butt and thighs were stretching the tights so far they were becoming see through and her lies were flopping together with each step. Her hips gave her a distinct pear shape. Her belly had a huge change. It was jiggly and loose, and she had the worst muffin top she had ever seen in her life. Her belly almost hung in front of her crotch even in the skirt. Her face was puffed up as well. She could feel her chin vanishing under fat, and she ran her sausage fingers all over her chubby cheeks.
Crying she waddled out and kept hoping it was just fake or she was dreaming. She saw only one exit, the door she had come in was gone, it was a small doggy door, and she would have to squeeze to get through. It was about a foot off the floor and she fit herself through. Her back fat touched the top and her belly scraped on the bottom, halfway through getting it through she got stuck. She knew she could get out, but she just had to wiggle, but just as she thought that something lowered in front of her face. Another hose. She tried to slide back through, but it was too late. Her hands were now stuck on the floor with some sort of adhesive.
"Here piggy piggy!" the voice said tauntingly.
She screamed, but as she opened her mouth, thick sugary frosting was shot directly into it as two mechanical hands came down to hold it open. Another one liberated her of her ruined shirt. She looked desperately from side to side, but she couldn't move her head. She worried about Katie now. Her belly expanded and now she would've been truly stuck. She felt her denim skirt rip off her butt. The hole was becoming too tight now, it would cut her in half if she didn't get out, but just as she thought that the frame holding it together cracked and shattered sending dust everywhere and her belly fell to the floor as the wall was destroyed by her girth. Wincing in pain as her tights slid down her legs and tightened around her knees she knew had to get out of here soon.
It lasted a little after and then the frosting hose disappeared into the wall. Amber's hands came free and she tried to stand up. The hands helped her and she looked down at her body now just in her incredibly stretchy bra and panties. Her stomach had developed into three large rolls, her boobs were now nothing more than giant fat sacks resting on her tummy, and she couldn't walk without a total waddle now. Her feet had to be shoulder length apart. She was probably over three hundred pounds. She walked forward and began to cry looking for an exit. As she walked her hips scraped against the walls and her body jiggled furiously. She tried to turn a corner and had to push herself through the hallway very forcefully. As she looked up though she saw the exit, there in front of her. She waddled quickly as her padded feet shook the whole ground, but just as she realized it, it fell. The exit fell in front of her. No it wasn't falling she was rising.
She looked around and the lift came to an abrupt stop. A chair came and hit her in the back of the legs and made Amber fall backwards into it. Amber tried to get up, but she was immediately pulled back down. She began to tear up, as a picture was flashed in her face. It was her now, fat, saggy, and huge compared to when she came in petite and perky.
"Time for the weigh in," the voice said cheerfully.
Amber dreaded how much she weighed. The lights flipped on and across the room from Amber was a giant blob of flesh. "Help me," it sobbed desperately. Amber jumped. She felt clothes being slid on her and looked to see as a flannel button-up and cowgirl jeans were slid over her big bountiful body. They were tight.
"For being so darn cooperative," said the voice, "We are giving you Amber, weighing in at three hundred and twenty five pounds a red ribbon."
Amber looked at the girl, but didn't speak, she would feel to guilty. "Leah gets the blue ribbon," the voice said uninterested sounding. But you get a special reward Amber."
Amber's head perked up hoping that wasn't as sinister as she thought it would be. "We here at this special ride will take half of your weight gain off in return for your servitude here, or else you know you can join Leah. Whaddya say?"
Amber looked at Leah and shuddered, looking back resolutely she sighed, "I'll do it."

Amber tugged at her tight uniform. She was still over two hundred pounds and now one hundred miles away from her home she was sending girls just like her to their plumping. She still didn't know why, but she did know one thing: she just had to. And it was enjoyable watching the girls enter and then exit several hundred pounds heavier. She just watched a girl named Abby who had made fun of her exit with a disgusted look on her face. She now weighed about three hundred extra pounds. She started to cry as she watched Amber shrug and grin a theatrically smile. Maybe Amber would like this job she thought as she took a bite of a turkey leg.
The long awaited sequel. Sorry guys I can only write when my girlfriend leaves for stuff, otherwise she always wants to know what I'm up to, or what I'm doing. Saying I'm writing a psych paper just doesn't fool her anymore. So it isn't as good as the first one, but I wasn't feeling very... inspired. So here you go, hope you like. Have a contagious smile on today!
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117008 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014
write about leah
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Awesome story!!
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Thanks! :)
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I need more!
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write a story about Leah
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Nice Story :D
TheStoryWriter Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I loved the original and I'm sorry to hear about the lack of time to work on it.I'm sure your girlfriend would be understanding if you explained it to her.
bubbleboy93 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2010
Yes! Finding this in my deviantwatch right now just made my day! It turned out just as good as I had hoped- I especially like that twist at the end. Good job :D
bananasplitrevolt Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2010
Thank you very much! I'm sorry it took so long, and thank you for your wonderful comment.
Izlude13 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2010
It still turned out good in my opinion, enjoyable as well. Nice Work! ^^
bananasplitrevolt Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2010
Oh also, she leaves this weekend to go see her mommy in New York, so I'll try to write a few more.
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