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"Damn, this is expensive," a feminine American voice said near Jonas. He looked around eagerly and spotted his targets. They were just what he wanted. One girl sipped casually from a frothy mug while another two dark-haired girls just complained about the prices.
"It's always like this," said a blonde German girl casually. She was the one drinking.
"Are you sure?" Jonas asked suavely walking up behind the three girls, "Because I think it is a crime you lovely girls shouldn't be able to experience Oktoberfest to the fullest."
The girls glanced at each other and smiled, the black haired one said, "Do you know of any way we can avoid that?"
Jonas pretended to consider, "Well, I suppose we could go back to my villa, where a few friendly types might be waiting for a few more lovely girls to show up. And I suppose I could supply these lovely girls with free beer."
"I'm in!" said the German girl grinning.
"I believe we could grace your party with our presence," said the brown haired one, she flashed a million dollar smile.
"I don't think I got you girl's names," said Jonas.
"Oh, I'm Kali," said the black haired one.
"Capri," the brown haired one said.
"And I'm Sophia," said the blonde German.
"Nice to meet you all," said Jonas shaking their hands, "And I am Jonas."
"Nice to meet you Jonas," Capri said.
"This way, I have a auto waiting not too far from here. Come let's go drink while the night is young," Jonas said gesturing. As the girls walked on ahead talking with each other and giggling Jonas examined them.
Sophia walked in front. She had long blonde hair and skin with a slight tan that flowed into the middle of her back. She was thin, but had nice big breasts, showing off plenty of cleavage. Her butt was firm, and round, bouncing ever so slightly in her red form fitting mini-dress she wore. Her boobs made the v-neck even deeper and the belt around the middle of her stomach was pulled taut.
Examining Kali he could tell she was of Greek descent. She had the olive skin, the dark slightly curly hair, cut short and framing her beautiful face. She had two nice C-cup breasts and a nice firm butt. Thin everywhere else, she was a doll. Good fashion sense too. She wore a black min-dress that revealed her toned midriff and showed off her nice firm ass too. Underneath the mini dress she wore white tights that showed her toned legs.
Capri was the most attractive to Jonas though. She had very beautiful brown hair, very dark, almost black. It was straight and went to her neck. Her eyes shined, showing intelligence, with mint green irises. Her smile shined as well. She had two large, round yet perky boobs, probably D-cups they were tucked under a white low-cut blouse, showing a lot of cleavage. It had breast pockets, but they wouldn't hold anything since the shirt struggled to just hold the breasts. It buttoned down the front complete with a belt around her belly, and was tucked in a sexy black mini skirt with a wide band around it. It came up to her navel just about. It was probably stretch material because Capri's ass was amazing, and the skirt conformed to every wonderful curve. It was firm, but she walked with a bounce, so it seemed her whole body swayed with her hips, and that made Jonas want to sway too.
They got in his limousine and he conversed with them as they drove out of Munich. It turned out all three were nineteen year old college students who were living in America. They just took a week off to come to Oktoberfest. Jonas also tried to charm them. He was quite attractive and not too much older than the girls. These girls were just what he was looking for every year. They were nice too, he almost felt bad. As they pulled up to his large villa the girl's eyes lit up.
"Oh my god!" Capri said, "Jonas this is beautiful.
"Do you own this?" Kali asked.
"Yes I do," said Jonas laughing, "Took a lot of hard work. Well, not really, but I like to tell people that."
The girls laughed and exited the car. Young men and women sat on the steps and conversed, drank, or just made out. A few sat around a huge fountain in the front of the manor. The girls followed Jonas inside. Someone ran up to them with a camera and Jonas pulled Kali and Capri in tight. The girls huddled against his shoulder and the picture was snapped.
Dozens of people were inside. The three girls followed Jonas upstairs. Capri's ass was pinched several times on the way up by different men on the steps. "Right this way to the alcohol and food," Jonas said as he opened the door directly at the top. It opened to a huge banquet hall. In the middle of the room was a table absolutely stocked with food but no chairs around it, but against the walls were booth with large leather seating arrangements, each a little room on its own. It had the feeling of a night club. Music was permeating throughout the mansion. Jonas motioned to a booth. The girls sit down and several nearby young men and women grinned. Jonas sat down and another cute little brown-haired girl sat on his left.
"Girls, this is Moira," said Jonas.
"Hello, Moira," said Capri and Kali in unison.
"Hello, my name is Moira," the girl said, in a thick French accent. It was clear she didn't really understand English. Jonas introduced the girls to Moira in French. Moira was very beautiful. Her brown hair curled and went down to her shoulder blades. She had tan-ish skin and white pearly teeth. Her C-cup breasts were stuffed inside her cocktail dress she was wearing and on the way in the girls noticed she had a nice round fatty on her backside. Her sexy strapless cocktail dress was very form fitting and had an almost metallic look to the mauve coloring. A belt was wrapped under her breasts showing her flat tummy.
The girls talked with Jonas, and attempted to talk to Moira, but as Jonas had rounds of drinks brought to them he looked over Moira's shoulder seeming distracted. "Just a minute, I have to excuse myself," he said and then said the same to Moira in French. Moira nodded and smiled at the girls. Jonas closed the door to their booth behind him.
"Get these girls some food," he called.
Suddenly the table in the middle of them slid into the wall it rested against. Coming back out it was loaded with delicious gourmet food. Moira's eyes lit up. The three girls looked at the lavish amounts of food.
"So much food," Capri said dumbly.
"So good," Sophia said as she bit into a chocolate doughnut looking thing, except it wasn't a donut. It was as big as a cantaloupe.
"Mmmm," Moira mused, as she took a bite of some turkey leg.
Kali began popping deep-fried lard curds into her mouth. Capri dug into a bowl of Macaroni and Cheese and took large swigs of a thick chocolate drink. It was heavenly. The girls ate two huge pizzas, three huge turkeys, and countless other little goodies. Finally, one by one they leaned back in their seats. Sophia leaned back and slumped rubbing her belly, she farted, and sighed contentedly. Kali leaned back and patted her belly. She felt a softness that was there before, but figured that was just from her stuffing, and not actually fat. Moira and Capri finally leaned back and the table slid back into the wall. Another one came out even more fully loaded than the last one. Sophia and Moira immediately grabbed food.
"Wait girls," Capri said, "Can we finish this?"
"Who cares," Sophia said, mouthful of chocolate, "Let's just eat what we can until, Jonas comes back."
Capri and Kali shrugged and began to eat. They lost themselves in the food. Eating to their hearts content they forgot all about the party. Capri smothered her mashed potatoes and ham in thick gravy as she drank an equally thick mug of beer. She then poured melted cheese on the meal followed by sliced avocados and dug in just shoving it all in her mouth with a huge spoon. After she finished she looked at a huge fudge cake in the middle and took a slice that was one fourth of the cake and gobbled it up greedily. The other girls ate just as much as Capri, and ignored their softening tummies just as much too. As they finished up with the food and Moira licked a plate clean they leaned back again, a little bigger this time.
Sophia finished first and the first thing someone would notice if they weren't hypnotized by food was her boobs growing out of her mini dress. Her tan line was becoming visible. About half an inch of untanned skin was shown peeking up. Her belly was also growing and her belt bit into her flesh. Her butt cheeks were spreading out across the bench and her thighs thickened ever so slightly.
Moira's boobs were losing perkiness and her arms thickened up to. Her belly was forming into a little gut and her belly button's position could be seen through the dress due to the slight lack of tautness there. Her formerly big shapely booty was beginning to show the signs of being just chubby under the dress.
Kali's boobs grew in her dress pushing it out, and losing some of their perkiness. Her butt and thighs spread out across the bench as her dress was lifted up ever so slightly. Her belly fat pressed against where her dress split in the middle and revealed midriff making it ever so larger. Her arms plumped up proportional to her body and she even had the start of a double chin.
Capri was the last to finish eating. Her blouse had become untucked in the back and as she swallowed her last bite the untucked portion became a little larger. Her boobs were squeezed in her shirt straining the buttons. Her biggest change was in her belly though. She had a nice round potbelly and cute little love handles. The sash belt she had wrapped around her belly was holding her fat down, but only in the one spot and doing a very poor job. Her belly ran over the sides of her skirt everywhere giving her a massive muffin top. Her belly button was as visible or more than Moira's was. Her butt also widened inside the stretchy black skirt she wore and her thighs widened out as well. As she leaned back the rest of her blouse became untucked, the buttons all straining, and the fabric stretched. Her belly was clearly hanging out all around and flopping over the sides of her skirt.
The table slid back into the wall and came back with food. "Wait," Kali said holding up her hands, "I don't think this food is for us, let's just go find Jonas."
"He said he is coming back here," said Sophia, "It has to be for us."
"We should stop," Cali said patting her jiggly belly, "We're getting kinda fat."
"You don't just gain weight," Sophia said, "It takes a little bit to metabolize, we are just stuffed."
"Then let's stop eating," said Kali.
"Let's at least wait for Jonas," said Sophia.
Moira just watched them argue. "Well, let's just see-" Kali began trying the handle to the booth, "Damn, he locked us in. He'll be back soon."
"Okay, let's wait for Jonas," Capri said rubbing her enlarged tummy, picking an éclair the size of her fist and popping it into her mouth she chewed slowly.
"Wait, I thought we were waiting," Kali said. Sophia just picked up a two foot long chili dog and began eating.
"It won't take him too long, might as well eat a little," said Capri stuffing a regular sized chili dog in her mouth and biting it in half.
Moira joined in now too eating a quintuple bacon cheese burger the size of her breast. "Well, okay," Kali said resigned and began to dig in.
Jonas watched the cameras intently. The girls were completely oblivious due to the unnoticeable drugs he added to the food. People gathered around their booth-rooms to watch them through the one-way glass. He switched between different booths and finally stopped on this year's star attraction The four girls were making good progress. Sophia, formerly, a 5'6" 130 pounder was at 160 after her last table of food. Her clothes were getting tights. Moira entered as a 5'3" 120 pound girl, and was now 153 pounds. Kali had entered the booth at 5'4" 123 pounds, and was now going up to about 157 pounds. Capri had the most impressive gain of all. Originally she entered at 5'5" and 128 pounds, but now she was flirting with 165 pounds. She had an impressive appetite.
This year's fattening circle would be interesting, he thought switching to another booth with three young women gorging in it.
During the newest stuffing things started getting interesting. All the girl's dresses and skirts were starting to strain at the seams. Moira's belt under her breast was broken in half as her boobs and belly converged to outgrow it. Her butt was the biggest of anyone's and she constantly had to adjust in her seat to make sure her skimpy dress could keep her decent.
Capri's buttons on her blouse came off one by one. The sash around her tummy untied and just hung uselessly at her sides. Her belly, fully affected by gravity and turning into a gut, was now fully visible the only button that remained was the one right between her boobs and her belly. Her skirt stretching to its max was starting to have trouble keeping her growing hips and butt in. Half way through the stuffing she took the belt off releasing her belly which fell neatly into her lap. Her boobs sagged in her shirt and struggled to escape the confines of her tiny tight bra.
Sophia's belt snapped at the clasp and her dress tore slightly at the sides. Her belly was impressive, pushing forward through the fabric and her boobs were just barely covered by the top of the v-neck dress. Her butt was growing beneath her making the bench seem a little more crowded.
Kali's belly had grown into one smooth orb that rested on her lap free of any clothing she absent-mindedly traced lines around her belly button with her pudgy sausage finger. Her boobs overflowed her dress. The seams of her dress were split around the belly and her thighs were forcing each other apart causing the bottom of the dress to strain to.
The girls ended their latest binge and Jonas posted the results on the TV screen in the main hall: Moira: 212 pounds
Sophia: 209 pounds
Kali: 215 pounds
Capri: 223 pounds
They would be nice big girls by the time they were done here.
Food came out of the wall for the fourth time. "We should stop," said Kali kneading her fat in between her hands.
"Shut up," Sophia said, and with a giggle shoved a spoonful of pudding in Kali's mouth.
Kali's protests were over then. She immediately started scooping the pudding. Moira moaned and the other three girls stopped to look at her. She moaned in between shoving food into her already swollen cheeks. Her face contorted and with a grunt she forced her tummy out. A loud rip was heard as her dress split completely leaving her in her bra and panties. Relaxed she began to eat again. Kali looked to Capri who shrugged and then shoved half a hamburger into her mouth. Capri's final button bounced across the room and she lost the blouse sitting there topless. Another rip was heard half way through the binge. Sophia's dress began to tear as Sophia dripped chocolate sauce down her front. Her belly ripped out the front and her butt ripped the bottom. Just a few minutes later the dress lay in tatters. Capri's skirt and Kali's dress began to tear and by the end of the binge all four women were in their underwear the front of them made into a mess. The table slid into the wall.
Moira leaned back and farted loudly. She was a big girl now, Her breasts sagged on top of her big belly. Her butt and thighs spread across the bench and she spread her legs to let her belly fall down to the bench. She rubbed it and laughed and burped, spouting off French. She was the smallest, being only about 265.
Sophia's boobs were huge and saggy now her belly spread out on her thighs and her thighs spread out on the bench as stretch marks appeared all over. Her cheeks were fattened and she had a clear double chin, followed by a third chin. She weighed 281 pounds now.
Kali's olive skin tone was slowly turning to pasty white, stretched flesh. Her body had become huge. A round beer belly and two sirloin roast thighs were her secondary beauty features behind her giant fun bags and the large fatty she was now sporting now. Her face had gotten chubbier, but she didn't have a double chin yet. Her weight had skyrocketed to 322 pounds making her the second biggest.
Capri was still the biggest. Her face was chubbier as well and she did have a large double chin. Her hands patted her belly which cause all of her blubbery body to jiggle. Her belly was huge. It hung down in front of her crotch and she absolutely had to spread her legs to give it room. It was touching the edge of the table molding to and surrounding it. Her boobs sagged and her bra actually just sat on top of them now, as the clasp had already given out. Her thighs were gargantuan and brushed up against Kali's on one sides and Sophia's on the other. Saddlebags hung off her legs and her calves even fattened up. Even her feet were chubby. The beautiful brunette was turning into a real fat goddess. She weighed 331 pounds.
As the table came out one more time it had only three pieces of cheese cake on it. Moira grabbed hers and sat back eating it. Sophia had to maneuver herself to reach it. Kali leaned forward, but Capri absolutely couldn't reach it. Her tummy was just too big. Her arms outstretched Moira pushed it closer and Capri grabbed it. She stuck the whole thing in her mouth and chewed hastily.
The table went in again and came back out, but this time it was clothes on it. As if for the first time the girl's looked confusedly at the clothes and picked them up. They were all matching German beer girl outfits with lycra underwear. Then they looked down at their bodies. Moira screamed.
"Oh my god," said Kali, "What-*URP*-happ-*URRRP*"
"I'm such a fat piggy-*hic*," Sophia said grabbing her belly with both hands.
"You? *URRRP* I'm like four hundred pounds!" Capri said.
"Put on the uniforms," a voice commanded, "Enjoy the party girls!"
The girls complied, but just so they weren't naked. Jiggling and waddling the four girls walked into the party. There the scene was much the same, except every young woman was now 250-350 pounds and in the beer girl uniform. Some just snuggled up against various men, some did lap dances for bits of food. Some were being force fed from kegs.
Jonas turned to the three and nodded, "Have a good time, after all," he said waving his arms and pausing for effect, "It's all free." He laughed wickedly.
Moira was grabbed by some men and a tube was shoved in her throat. The girls were too scared to help. Moira's eyes were crazed with fear. But suddenly she began sucking on the tube as if it was oxygen. Her eyes calmed and she was growing.
"We have to leave," Kali said desperately.
Kali, Capri, and Sophia headed through the party toward the exit, acting non-chalant. Waddling as fast as they could without drawing attention to themselves they reached the front door and opened it up. A girl screamed right by it as a large fat man shoved éclairs in her mouth.
Capri saw freedom, but felt two hands on her shoulders she was shoved into a chair and quickly belted to it. Sophia turned to help, but was quickly given the same treatment as the girl by the door. Jonas walked in between Kali and Capri. "You can go Kali, but your friends stay," he explained, "They work for me now."
Kali opened her mouth to protest, but he cut her off, "If you tell anyone, I'll find you, and you won't even be able to waddle your fat ass out of here."
Kali took one last look at Capri, her eyes pleading as the chair she was in broke under her growing fat ass and waddled out the front door. She tripped and fell down the stairs and struggled to her feet. Waddling back to Munich as fast as she could she never looked back once.
Got a little rocky toward the end, but I wanted to finish it and then do something else. So critique is always welcome... really really welcome. So you know hurt my feelings and stuff... really... don't hold back.
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Scubashoe Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2016

I was wondering, is there a name for this specific type of weight gain story, where the girl eats and gains weight instantly? Thnx! 

Ps. Amazing story btw
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bananasplitrevolt Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2015
Well, that's not really so much critique as a condemnation. Kidnapping yes, but that's hardly uncommon in WG fic. As I've mentioned elsewhere, if you live out ANY part of a weight gain fantasy, you're either an idiot or sick, because it's unhealthy, destructive and greedy/gluttonous (especially in a world where there are people who don't have enough to eat). I find writing is a good outlet for these kinds of things. It's nowhere near rape, so don't throw that word around just because you know people will rally behind it.
Hidden by Commenter
bananasplitrevolt Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2015
That's fine, you're allowed to not like the extremes I took it to. If someone doesn't like my fiction, then usually I accept their opinion in a much more measured way. But you can't throw around words like "rape" when you don't like something. Bondage and weight gain are put together in the sub-genre of force-feeding. It's a fantasy. Not something anyone has ever done outside of like Mauritania (or other similar countries), and that's a human rights' abuse.
Hidden by Commenter
bananasplitrevolt Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2015
Oh yeah, let's argue semantics based on a definition you found on Urban Dictionary, a site that literally anyone can post on with a definition that only has to be agreed upon by one person. Defining words isn't a fucking democracy. Because the actual definition according to Merriam-Webster is "to force (someone) to have sex with you by using violence or the threat of violence". Don't twist this around like you meant for there to be this huge gray area, you just accused me of writing a story about rape, as in using sex as violence, and now you're trying to redefine "rape" like anyone in our society will think that's what you actually meant. Defining rape that way is akin to the extremely offensive usage that people try when they say something like, "That test raped me."
AlexAnsker Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2015  Professional Writer
I think that you should make a  sequel. Maybe where Kali does tell about the party.....
Koolaidgirl24 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014
I wish that would happen to me
biganimation Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2016
Come with me to Oktoberfest, and feel your voluminous curves grow 
Brubake Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013
Now that would be fun! A free AYCE pot bellied piggy girl party! Those four girls should be happy to have those huge bellies!
Forcedlactationlover Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Forced-Feeding (of a sort) and -fattening, one of my great faves. Keep up the good work! With ideas, and characters, like these, you don't need to rush, the words will come.
biganimation Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2016
cool , with Koolaidgirl24 , Brubake , Forcedlactationlover and me that makes four , anyone wanna fatten us ?
bubbleboy93 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2010
Me again, lol. This ones pretty good, but i didnt like the end- i liked the ending in fair food where they could leave as long as they didnt warn anybody, but this one isn't as good (but maybe thats just me). And one other minor thing- the amount of weight doesnt really seem right. Maybe it's just cuz im used to the way other people write, but the numbers dont seem to match up with their size (not bein rude, just giving my opinion.) :)
bananasplitrevolt Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2010
No prob man! That's what I ask for. Yeah, I rushed to finish this one. I toyed around with Capri and Kali in different settings for so long that I got impatient and just shoved them in the next one that worked, which was a mistake, I should've just scrapped the characters. Thanks for your input!
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