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Katie wandered through the fair looking for her friends. She loved fairs, the smell, the people, but especially the food. Ever since she was little she went to the fair every night it was open for the food. Deep-fried Snickers, Turkey legs, Jumbo corndogs, Elephant Ears, it was paradise. If the fair was even two more weeks a year Katie would be obese.  Fortunately, for the beauty queen it wasn't. She was a homecoming candidate her senior year of high school and got a lot of attention from the guys her freshman year at college. Dark brown hair flowed down to her shoulders and a beautiful heart-shaped face with two piercing light blue eyes could melt the heart of any lover of beautiful women. She was a shorty at just 5'4" and was a measly one hundred ten pounds. Two perky B-cups were resting under a buttoned-up flannel shirt that was tied at the bottom revealing her slim midriff. She had Daisy Duke jean shorts in honor of the fair, with a belt that said country girl. The shorts did a nice job of showing of the nice booty she had going on back there. Her skin was fairly tan and was what some might consider perfect.
She had a good time at college, but now back in hometown Baker, Nebraska, she was ready to just settle in for the fair. Walking around she got a text from her friend Amber, 'Where r u?'
She was about to text back when someone called to her, she looked up at a ticket girl who motioned to her, "Pretty little thing, how about you go on in to this ride?"
"I've never seen this one before," Katie said.
"Oh, it's a new attraction, eighteen and up," said the girl, "You are eighteen right?"
"Yeah," Katie said, giving the girl her ID while examining the ride. The big neon sign read "Fair Food Fiasco" and murals were painted on the sides of it of two girls eating with stars in their eyes, fair food, two chubby girls finding some food acting excited, a young man wandering through mirrors, and several other nonsensical things. It looked like a funhouse, "Why's it 18 and up? No like, pornography right?"
"Oh, no no no," the girl said, "None of that, it's just we wanted a ride you college kids could go on alone, without all those kids to bother you. You like fair food?" she said changing the subject.
"Of course," Katie laughed.
"Then this ride is perfect! Free food inside," said the ticket girl, "Get it? Fair Food Fiasco."
"Okay, when my friends get here I'll go in," said Katie.
"Why wait?" said the girl, motioning to the carts, "You tell them to come, and take a free ride on me. I'll hold them until you get back."
"Really?" Katie asked, "Thanks sooo much, how much fair food do I get?"
"You'll find out inside," said the girl pushing her up the stairs, "Have a nice ride.
Katie jumped in a cart and buckled the loose belt around her waist as she texted Amber right before she went in the tunnel, "Fair Food Fiasco".
Riding into a dark tunnel and turning the corner, suddenly everything lit up. It was a strip of animatronic fair vendors peddling their food they offered some to Katie and took her several seconds to realize it was real food. She accepted a Deep-fried Twinkie and nibbled away at it. The cart then dipped down away from all the vendors. She finished the Twinkie and through the stick in a nearby trash can that was by the side of the track. "How about a drink?" A voice said in a well lit tunnel that just seemed to be a painted mural of different fair foods. She accepted a very large chocolate malt and started drinking it. It was heavenly. The cart came to a sudden halt at the end of the hallway and she realized that there was no more track. She unbuckled and stepped off following a lit up neon arrow at the top of the tunnel. Looking to her left she saw the mirrors that were on the mural on the front. As she stepped in she realized they were the kind of mirrors that distort your body. She at first looked very thin and laughed as she continued on her body became wider and wider in the mirrors. Finishing the malt she pitched it in a garbage can and found a bag of onion rings which she began to munch on. The end of the mirrors were in sight. Dumping the large bag she ate surprisingly fast she licked the grease off her fingers as she continued.
Exiting she found herself in Tunnel-of-Lovesque room. The boat was a giant empty food box. She got in a buckled herself in. noticing her tummy swollen a little with the food she had already eaten. She started riding down the river and soon was offered a jumbo strawberry triple shake and a giant turkey leg by a hand that came out of the wall. Drinking and eating as she went around on what she realized was a lazy river it took her in circles as she finished the food. It then handed her a cup of soda as big as her thigh (maybe a little bigger) and a stick of deep fried butter.
"No thanks," she called out sweetly, she was stuffed. The food was shoved at her chest. Reflexively she grabbed it and the hands retreated into the wall. The set the drink down and just waited to get off. Suddenly, she felt a pinch. Her buckle was shocking her. She tried to take it off, but a bigger shock hit her. Katie panicked. She looked at the butter in her hand and got shocked again. Taking a bite the shocking stopped. She cautiously took another bite and soon shoved the whole greasy feast down her throat.
"Let me off!" she yelled only to get shocked again. She started drinking the drink and in between gulps gave desperate pleas. "I don't want any more free food!" Soon she drank the whole thing and winced as she shifted in her seat. Her normally round, but firm booty had a tinge more padding than usual. The ride handed her a large bucket of chocolate covered bacon and a slurpee the size the size of both her legs. She ate and drank reluctantly burping and farting on the lazy river. The buttons popped off her shirt one by one, until just the tied up part was left. When the slurpee and bacon was gone she felt the ride come to a stop. Looking down at the buckle partially obscured by her growing belly, she slid her fingers in to undo it. Her boobs had grown into wonderful d-cups showing a great deal of cleavage. Her butt jiggled as she stepped off the ride and she looked around for an exit. She only saw one door so she cautiously walked towards it. Opening she saw a room with food along all the walls and a picture booth attached to some sort of tram that seemed to go into a solid wall.
"Remember your time at Fair Food Fiasco!" read a sign on it. It was the only place to go so Katie stepped inside. She sat down on the seat and felt her butt spread across it. A sign next to her read 'You now weigh…' She couldn't look away as it calculated her weight. The numbers stopped at 148. "Let me- *URRRRRP*- out of here!" Katie begged through tears and burps. A picture snapped of Katie looking desperately at the camera crying with fat pooling around her waist.
After the picture snapped she figured the tram would take her out. It started to move, but as it did a buckle fastened around her waist. She quickly tried to undo it in a panic, but soon her wrists and ankles were grabbed by buckles as well. She screamed, "Plea-ea-ea-ease don't do this!"
"You're so skinny!" said a robotic voice, "Have a bite!"
With that a hand came and shoved some food into Katie as she opened to beg again. She chewed, cheeks swollen with the deep-fried snack. Before she had even finished swallowing the first one a new one was pushed into her lips. And then another and another and another. The camera continued to snap pictures of her getting a little bit fatter with each snack. The scale continued to rise. It was at 158 now. A double chin lifted from her gentle face and dimples formed even when she wasn't smiling. Her breasts fought for room in the tight top which miraculously held together. White creamy belly flesh rested on her lap now and flowed over her belt which was close to the breaking point. Her perfect skin was paling as it stretched across her mounds of fat. She could feel the buckle dig into her belly as it grew and could feel her thighs and butt spreading across the seat. Her thighs began to meet each other and the parts where the flesh touched expanded up, down, forward and in any direction.
Finally, the greasy foods stopped coming just as the scale read 181. Her hair was disheveled and chocolate, grease, and butter dripped down her chin and onto her boobs. "Wow," said a voice, "You sure can take a lot, maybe we can enter you with the fair cows when we're done here."
A hand reached out and massaged her belly kneading the fat over and over again. Poking and prodding. Katie struggled against the restraints but they just got tighter. "You should gain a little bit of weight, how will we win the fair with such a skinny animal?" Katie stifled a sob. Her belly hurt and she just wanted to go home. "You do look thirsty, let's put some chocolate in you."
Katie struggled as a hose was place in her mouth. She tried to spit it out, but it was stuck. She made muffled cries for help. Suddenly, a thick syrup was being pumped into her mouth. It was so sweet she wanted to puke. Her body expanded faster than before. Every three seconds another pound ticked off. It got faster and faster until it was about every second. Katie squealed as her belt and shorts became impossible tight. A hand reached down and loosened her belt. It then broke in half shooting the button of her jeans off. Her belly pushed the zipper on the shorts down as the hand ripped them away revealing her panties being overcome with fat. The hose shut off forty pounds after it started. Katie cried looking at the last picture. Her face was slowly being enveloped in fat. Her nose even had a touch of fat on it. Her boobs had grown and strained the shirt just a bit much. Her heavy breaths caused them to rise and fall to rest on her big belly spreading across her fat thighs. Which touched half way to the knee now. Her butt spread across the seat covering about half of it now. The panties were more of an annoyance now, because they weren't visible in the picture, covered by fat, and bit into her hips painfully. Her calves got fat too, and her toes and fingers slowly turned into sausages. The palms of her hands had a light layer of padding to them that wasn't there before too. Her elbows dimpled and her upper arms had fat hanging, starting the beginning of fat wings.
"Please, I'm fat- *URRRRRRRRP*- now, let me go," Katie begged. She farted loudly before continuing begging, "I'll do anyth- *URRRP*- any *URRRRP*- an-*URRRRP*- HEL-*URRRRRRP*-Help!"
"Oh no you aren't," said the voice, "You can't even get the brown ribbon with that belly."
"Pleeeeeease!" Katie begged through tears.
"Have a bite," the voice said obliviously, shoving a handful of deep-fried candy into Katie's sobbing mouth.
"No! I'm full-*URRRP*- I'm- mmmph mph mumph," Katie was cut off by more food.
"I'm gonna- I'm gonna- *URRRRP*- MMMMPH!" more food was shoved in her throat.
"You'll be nice fat piggy in no time," said the voice, "We'll have to roll you around for that blue ribbon."
Katie just burped in response. Chocolate covered bacon bits were filling her swelling cheeks. As she chewed. A supersized corndog on a stick made of a cinnamon stick was force-fed to her next. Her eyes darted to the scale. It was going up again. She could feel her belly slide across her thighs as it grew. Her butt found more cold metal as it expanded outward. A soda fountain took turns squirting into her mouth in between bites. Her shirt finally blew away with a snap, leaving her in her pathetically small bra which wasn't actually clasped in the back and was resting on her boobs. Finally after several minutes the buckle around her waist gave way. Her fat exploded out with a great shake jiggling as she struggled to her fat feet. Waddling off the photo booth she caught sight of the weight counter on her way out. It read You now weigh... two hundred and fifty pounds. She waddled off panting as she got out. She looked at the picture that slid out on her right grabbing it she examined her new surroundings. There was a duffle bag that said, "Open me". Behind it was a small circular hallway with a walkway painted pictures of various fair foods at the far end was a door, next to the hallway entrance was what appeared to be a changing room. She peeked inside there first. Nothing. Cautiously opening the duffel she found clothes. It was a big white spaghetti strap with buttons down the front, a new pair of khaki short shorts, and a new pair of underwear that seemed to be made of lycra. Putting them on in the changing room she looked around seeing if there was anywhere else to go but the hall.
Reluctantly she started forward down the hall suspiciously watching everywhere. Half-way down it the wall started to spin, making her dizzy standing on the walkway. She waddled faster towards the door, which seemed to be getting further away. Suddenly the portraits began opening and shooting food at Katie. It bounced off her leaving little chocolate or grease stains on her shirt. Then a hand shot out and shoved a whole fair cookie in Katie's mouth Katie drew back repulsed as two more hands grabbed her and a third shoved a chili dog down her mouth. A bacon burger followed. She pulled free only to be grabbed by more hands and knocked to the ground. They held her as a hose of root beer float was sprayed directly down her throat and another two hands force fed her cotton candy and lard-burgers. She felt a button on her new shirt pop off and began rolling around to get free in a few seconds she rolled away from the hands and with great difficulty got to her feet. She ran as fast as she could, her whole body quaking and booming with each step. The door was within reach when a hand grabbed her ankle another grabbed her wrist and a third shoved something that didn't even look like food in her mouth. As she swallowed she felt another button burst off her shirt and her tummy expand just from that. She broke free and dove through the door, but her butt and hips were stuck she struggled and struggled and just barely got free falling on a cold metal flooring. She looked up seeing it was a scale. It rang in 270. She struggled to her feet and waddled around the new room. She saw an exit sign.
Ecstatic she waddled forward toward the sign desperate to reach it. She reached her arms out as she waddled, sweat and panted. But just as she reached it she fell. No she wasn't falling the floor was. As the exit sign went out of reach she screamed.
"Hello, Katie, we still need that blue ribbon before you leave," said the voice. Katie then was hit in the back of the knees by a cart and a buckle slipped around her waist. She was restrained again. A trough was raised to her chin and she looked inside. A goop of lard, sugar, cream, and grease with fair food swimming in it was in the pig trough. Katie saw where this was going.
"Please- *URRRRP* *hic*- Don't do this- *URRRP*- You can't do- *hic* *urrrrrp* *hic*- STOP!" she cried.
"Well, I really want that blue ribbon, so you finish it up for me and I'll let you go," said the voice.
"I- *URRRRRP*- don't want to be-*hic*- a piggy," she said.
"You already are dear, just not a very good one," said the voice.
Katie sobbed, but just as she did the trough connected with her lips and the stuff was forced down her throat as the trough slowly tipped upwards. She could feel her body expanding underneath her. Buttons popped off the blouse as her belly grew outwards. The trough was big enough to put a cow in comfortably. She felt the substance go down her throat as she cried. The khaki short burst at the seams, followed by the belt bursting several seconds later. The last button on the blouse clung on, but was stretching and stretching until finally it flew away. A scale in front of her told her, her current weight. At three hundred and fifty pounds there was a break to clear the clothes away, she sat there in the super stretched underwear and looked at the last picture taken. She was pathetic. Her eyes were becoming hidden under her fattening face, and a fourth chin was forming. Her breasts hung down like the two fat sacks they were, and her thighs were now driven apart by the fat between them. Her belly rested halfway up on them and had developed three distinct rolls of fat. Her arms were weighed down with fat. Her butt spread across two thirds of the seat easy.
She breathed deep through her mouth for several precious seconds, before the trough tipped again. This time it didn't stop. Her perfect skin was ruined now. Stretch marks ran the length of her belly and thighs. The once tanned flesh was pasty and stretched. She winced as she felt her belly start to droop in between her legs. Flexing her fingers told her even their mobility was long gone now. Her butt continued to inch across the middle until it hit the sides of the chair. She panicked as it squeezed her tighter and tighter until she heard creaking metal. The sides of the metal chair were actually bending to accommodate her growing rear. Finally the trough emptied into her and was pulled away. She burped loud and long.
"Can-*URRRP*-I-*URRRP**URRRRP*-go-*URRRP**URRRP*-home-*URRRP*-now-*URRRP*- please?-*URRRP**URRRRRP**URRRP*" she managed between belches.
She looked at the picture. She was huge. Fat poured everywhere. It was hard to tell this was a person. It then insulted her by showing her as she came in. She wasn't even the same girl. She looked like she was ten times as wide. Her formerly petite face was now veiled in fat and extra chins. A cute smile was now a tired frown in the middle of chubby rose colored lips. Her perky breasts had been molded into the two hanging fat sacks that rested in the lycra bra upon her belly. Her arms could be lifted, but probably not to a 90 degree angle. Her legs and butt were giant, compared to the showstopper she used to have.
"Not quite yet, you little piggy, you," said the voice, "It's time for the weigh in!"
Katie strained her fat neck to turn her head, which was challenging to say the least. The scale didn't have a reading. The wall in front of her rose. And the photo booth fell away. She saw nothing, but a wall of flesh and she had a terrified idea of what it was.
"Is someone there?" a voice asked from within the flesh.
Katie strained her neck and saw where the head must be. A mess of blonde hair marked it. "I'm-*URRRRP*," Katie managed, but she imagined the girl understood.
"Help, I want to go home," the blob girl said.
"Me-*URRRP*-too," said Katie.
"The weigh-in results are up!" the voice said.
"The red ribbon goes to… Katie!" the voice said, "At a whopping six hundred and fifty nine pounds, congratulations Katie!"
Katie stifled a sob. As the voice continued, "And the blue ribbon prize goes to… Leah! At an amazing one thousand, four hundred and twenty five pounds, better luck next time Katie. If you tell anyone then we'll be sure you get the blue ribbon."
Katie's eyes widened. "Help me," the girl pleaded as she was wheeled away.
"Leah, has been here since she warned her friends not to go in, but her selflessness got her reeled back in," said the voice, "Guess she didn't believe us."
Katie cried, she just now remembered Amber. She was being raised to the top, "Now get dressed and get out of here, you've been a good little piggy."
Katie got dressed in the same clothes she entered in, just comically larger. She unrolled the shirt so it wouldn't reveal midriff, and tucked her belly in the shorts. With that she waddled out the exit into the fair crowd. She saw Amber talking to the ticket girl along with their friend Shayna. She took a step toward them, but couldn't bring herself to talk to them. She didn't want to end up like Leah, crying she waddled toward the fair exit. Just as she did though a vendor shouted, "Free sample," and shoved food in her face and she almost screamed. She waddled away with all the speed she could muster and went home.
Faster paced story than you're used to from me, but tell me how you like it. I got the idea, because my county fair was last week and this week. First day I showed up a girl I knew who shows steers or some shit say she wishes the fair was every day of the year. Long story short, she was very well supplied with fair food and a certain hunger stimulating substance (I'll give you a hint, rhymes with narijuana, lol) all while staying there in a camper. She must've gained ten pounds, since the fair started and its still got like four days. I just kinda worked it from there. So like I said feed back is important, haha, tell me how it is.
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fooooood :33
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I keep on coming back to read this story. I have probably read it at least 20 times.
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Yeah same with me
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This was very imaginative. Loved it! Couldn't stop reading.
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So. This ismarked under 'romance.'

You sick fuck.
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Yeah, haha, maybe a bit of a mis-label. I don't remember why I did that. Maybe "erotic" is a sub-category? And I can understand if you don't find this erotic either, but that's sort of the intention of it... eroticism that is. Just fantasy though. No intention or will to ever make anything even resembling this a reality. Because in reality being fat isn't that healthy.
P1x3l-W0lf Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2015
You can be fat and still be healthy. It has nothing to do with your weight, it's all about how you eat. If you eat healthily, no matter how much you weigh, then you are healthy.
bananasplitrevolt Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2015
Yes, it's possible. But more often than not that's not the case, especially when you're gaining weight.
Aidbla3 Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2015
At least you have self awareness.
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Love this story. I can imagine the whole story!
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you should do the other two girls
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I liked it.... but I felt bad.... it's a bit dark bitter and sadistic for my taste.
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Interesting story, I liked it a lot.
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Awesome story!!!
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Wow that's great to get all that free food at a fair! Their normally unfair! The super fast growing fat is the bad part for me! All take a 550 lb. or more, fat free belly, & love it now!
watcher201109 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013
You should make another story where the forcefed girls take revenge on both whoever the voice is and the ticket girl and make them fat
Forcedlactationlover Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Force feeding fun. What happens to Leah and Amber after the fair ends? Does our newly plump(Hah!) Katie have a further story? I like it. It's both dark and fun at the same time. And, it's well written.
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That was awesome!
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That was pretty good! I liked it. Nice work!
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This was a real good read and quite enjoyable. Nice Work! ^^
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Ruthlessly dark, I like it :)
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This is the first good story I've found in a while. I hope you end up doing a 2nd part with Amber.
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I was toying around with it, and you know what. You've convinced me. I'll start it as soon as I put up the story I'm working on now.
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Another first- someone actually considered a suggestion from me, lol :P
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Great story with an interesting concept.
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Thank you very much!
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The second outfit Katie put on seemed to change in the middle of her being further stuffed, but it might jus be me.

Great story though, I loved reading it :D (And I really want to try one of these Fried Snickers bars now... they sound pretty good XD)
bananasplitrevolt Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2010
Thanks man, yeah reading back I did change her top around didn't I? I should proofread better from now on. I'm glad you enjoyed it though!
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